How To Stack & Style Your Earrings

How To Stack & Style Your Earrings:

It's time to upgrade your ear stack. From studs to statement hoops in gold and silver, you'll be stacking like a pro in no time.

Whether you're searching for ear stack ideas or a step-by-step style guide for acing your ear game, look no further.

We’ve rounded up the combinations we know you'll love, no matter how many piercings you have.

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The Golden Rules of Stacking

  1. Back to Basics -/- Feeling a little indecisive? Always begin with studs and huggies, earrings that prove that small things can bring big character. From pavé to pearl, these are the ultimate starting points for your ear stack.
  2. Make a Statement -/- Level up with a bold hoop, charm hoop or drop earring that'll lend your subtle pieces some drama. Oh and PS: you don't have to save these looks solely for an occasion. This is your permission pass (not that you need one) to wear your most eye-catching, standout pieces everyday.
  3. Get Creative -/- Wear your earrings as they come, or split them out to pair with different looks. We're all ears when it comes to mixing, matching and mismatching.


Play It By Ear

From gemstone earrings to megawatt hoops, make your jewelry work for you in whatever order you like. While the classic look features wearing smaller earrings in your third piercings with the largest taking center stage in your lobe, rules are made to be broken – we love the look of experimenting with lengths and shapes.

And if you want to wear more earrings than you have piercings for? You can always cheat with an ear cuff (or three).


Tell Me About It, Stud

Go back to basics with a delicate pair or bring in some color with meaningful gemstones.

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Mini Hoops & Huggies

What would a stacked earring look be without these heroes? But wait, what *actually* is a huggie? It's a hoop that hugs the ear  you may know them by the name sleeper, because (unsurprisingly) they're the ultimate comfy earring to sleep in.

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Make A Statement

The undisputed stars of the show, these iconic hoops were made to be worn on repeat – shining solo or *making* a maximalist stack.

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Off The Cuff

No piercings? No problem. Wear different ear cuffs on different parts of your ear, from the cartilage to the conch, to give the ultimate illusion (without having to go near any needles).

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Molten Pearl Twisted Double Ear Cuff Earrings Missoma Molten Pearl Twisted Double Ear Cuff Earrings Missoma

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Harris Reed Moonlight Pearl Hoop Earrings | 18ct Gold Plated/Pearl Earrings Missoma Harris Reed Moonlight Pearl Hoop Earrings | 18ct Gold Plated/Pearl Earrings Missoma

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Stacked Looks We Love

Hear us out, it wouldn’t be a ear stacking guide without all the inspiration.


Stack Like A Minimalist

Yes, we love a maximalist look (more can certainly be more). But sometimes it's all about paring it back with earrings made to blend in. Look to Missoma Fine for your investment pieces in 14k solid gold with diamonds and blue sapphires.


Color Crush

Hue dis? Turn up the brights with two tone enamel hoops, gemstone huggies and even more bold best sellers.


Spell It Out

Give yourself a name drop, or pay tribute to your number one with our initial studs. Letter it be with 'O-K', 'D-O-G' or... just think of all the opportunities for showing you know your ABCs.



Stack up the silver, from huggies to iconic twists on classic shapes (we're looking at you Ovate Hoops).


Mix And Match

While we love a power couple, there's also a selection of single earrings for you to pick and choose from. Talk about a jewelry pick n' mix. Think outside the jewelry box even further by mixing up your metals (like above with our iconic Chubby Hoops).


Make It A Set

We’ve done the hard styling work for you with our pre-made earring sets. Plus, you’ll save money when you buy them together.

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Ear Stacks Styled By You

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What ear piercings can you sleep on?

While avoiding sleeping on any new piercing is both encouraged and recommended to minimize irritation and promote optimal healing, certain ear piercings might pose less discomfort when sleeping on your back with proper precautions:

Lobe piercings: Generally considered the most comfortable for sleeping due to their location on the fleshy part of the ear. However, newly pierced lobes should still be treated with caution during sleep, especially for side sleepers.

Helix piercings: These piercings on the upper cartilage can be somewhat forgiving, especially after they've fully healed. However, sleeping directly on them can still cause irritation and should be avoided, especially for side sleepers.

It's important to remember that individual experiences may vary. Some individuals might find certain piercings uncomfortable to sleep on regardless of healing progress. Here are some additional tips for minimizing discomfort while sleeping with piercings:

Use a travel pillow: The U-shaped design creates a space for your ears, reducing pressure on piercings.

Sleep on your back: This avoids putting direct pressure on your piercings.

Use hypoallergenic pillowcases: Opt for materials like silk or satin to minimize friction and irritation.

Ultimately, consulting your professional piercer is the best course of action for personalized advice on sleeping with specific piercings and ensuring a smooth healing process.

Can you put 2 earrings in one hole?

While physically
putting two separate earrings directly into a single pierced hole isn't recommended
, there are several ways to achieve the illusion of stacked earrings or create a layered look without additional piercings.

Safe and Stylish Alternatives: Illusion Earrings: These specially designed earrings feature two connected pieces that create the appearance of separate earrings within one insertion point. They offer a variety of styles, from delicate hoops to statement pieces, allowing you to achieve the desired stacked effect without compromising on safety.

Cuff Earrings: These non-piercing earrings clip onto your existing earlobe, offering a comfortable and temporary way to experiment with different looks. They come in various styles, from simple hoops to intricate designs, allowing you to add a touch of flair without the commitment of a piercing.

Double-Stacked Studs: Some earrings feature a double stud design, where two small studs are connected on a single post. These can be inserted into a single piercing, offering a subtle layered look without additional holes.

Remember: Professional Piercing: If you're considering getting additional piercings to achieve a stacked look, it's crucial to visit a reputable and experienced piercer. They will ensure proper placement, hygiene, and use of sterile equipment to minimize risks and ensure a safe piercing experience.

Ultimately, exploring these safe and stylish alternatives allows you to express yourself and achieve the layered earring look while prioritizing your safety and comfort.

How long do stacked lobes take to heal?

Just like any piercing, stacked lobes need time to fully heal and avoid complications.

Understanding Healing Time: Individual Variation: It's important to understand that healing times can vary significantly from person to person. Factors like overall health, aftercare routine, and individual anatomy can influence the healing process. If you suffer from autoimmune diseases, please consult your doctor before a piercing, and be aware of an increased healing time.

General Range: Generally, lobe piercings, even stacked ones, take between 3 to 6 months to fully heal. However, some individuals might experience extended healing times, up to a year in some cases.

Ensuring Optimal Healing: Consistent Aftercare: Following a consistent aftercare routine is crucial for optimal healing. This includes cleaning the piercings regularly with a saline solution, avoiding touching or manipulating the jewelry, and allowing the piercings to breathe by avoiding tight-fitting clothing or hairstyles.

Listen to Your Body: While stacked lobes are generally considered low-risk piercings, it's crucial to pay attention to your body. If you experience prolonged pain, swelling, redness, or discharge, consult a professional piercer or healthcare provider to ensure proper healing and rule out any potential complications.

Remember, patience and proper care are essential for a smooth healing process and enjoying your stacked lobe piercings for years to come.

Are stacked lobe piercings safe?

Yes! Stacked lobes have been an emerging trend in the piercing space over the last few years. As long as they are pierced correctly
by a professional piercer, a stacked lobe is as safe as any other piercing. Below are some factors to consider before getting a stacked lobe piercing.

Factors to Consider for Safe Stacking:

Professional Piercing: Always visit a reputable piercer with extensive experience. They can assess your anatomy, recommend appropriate placement, and use sterile equipment to minimize infection risks.

Jewelry Selection: Opt for implant-grade titanium or surgical steel jewelry to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Avoid heavy or dangling earrings, especially during healing, as they can irritate the piercings.

Healing Time: Each piercing needs adequate healing time before adding another. Typically, wait 6-8 months for lobe piercings to fully heal before considering another in close proximity.

Increased Risks: Stacking increases the number of punctures and potential points of irritation. Individuals with sensitive skin or prone to keloid scarring might want to exercise caution or opt for single piercings.


Listen to your body: If you experience any pain, redness, swelling, or unusual discharge, consult a healthcare professional or piercer immediately.

Prioritize aftercare: Meticulous cleaning with a saline solution and avoiding touching or snagging the piercings are crucial for optimal healing and minimizing risks.

While stacked lobe piercings can be safe with proper precautions, consulting a professional piercer and prioritizing safe practices is vital to minimize potential risks and ensure a smooth healing experience.