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Mixed Metals Magic: A Jewelry Gift Guide

Mixed Metals:
A Jewelry Gift Guide

How to Style Mixed Metals Jewelry

Welcome to the world of mixed metals, where bold combinations and unique pairings create a symphony of style. This Christmas, elevate your gifting game with Missoma's exquisite collection of mixed metals jewelry. Whether you're a mixed metal enthusiast or just wanting to dip your toes in, embracing mixed metals allows you to express your individuality with a touch of glamour.

From gold to silver and everything in between, Missoma offers a curated selection of pieces that effortlessly blend various metals, making it easier than ever to achieve a chic and modern look. Let's dive into the magic of mixed metals and discover how to make a statement this holiday season.


Top Tips on Mixing Metals

Before you start mixing your metals, consider these top tips for a harmonious outcome.


Understand the Colour Palette

First and foremost, don't be afraid to experiment! Mixing metals is all about finding the perfect balance, so don't hesitate to combine gold, silver, and even rose gold for a stunning effect. Understanding the tones of your wardrobe, your lipsticks and your current jewellery collection is the first step to mixing your metals. Seeing what colours and tones you wear the most is the best way to figure out which pieces you should be mixing, and what you want to be your standout piece in a cohesive look.


Balance within Contrast

Another key tip is to vary the textures and thickness of the jewelry pieces. Combine delicate and chunky items to create visual interest and prevent the look from becoming too samey. Playing around with textures is a great gateway into mixed metals, because adding a thin chain of the metal you normally shy away from can be subtle introduction if you’re nervous to try it.


Consider Your Wardrobe

Lastly, consider the occasion and your outfit – sometimes a subtle mix is perfect for everyday wear, while a bolder combination can steal the show at festive gatherings. If you lean towards a warmer toned palette, you might gravitate towards golds, but sprinkling in a piece or two of silver can add an elevated edge to your look. Contrastly, if you’re gravitate towards your darker tones, adding a gold necklace into a stack of silver can create a unique edge to your outfit.

Stack Strategically

Stacking to match your personal style is a huge part of mixing metals. A bold, contrasting stack of silver and gold earrings can create a completely different impact than a subtle necklace stack with a few tones entwined with each other. Stacking strategically can help create the intended vibe while seamlessly blending your personality and style into the look.

Stacking is also a great way to incorporate pieces you don’t reach for as often, giving a new lease of life to the jewellery that normally gets left in your box. Combining new and old jewellery can help you create a fresh look while rediscovering pieces you loved with ones you’re loving, to create texture and movement within your stacks.

Some of our biggest tips for stacking are:

  • If you’ve got multiple piercings, stacking your jewellery to decrease the further it gets from your jaw can actually help define your jawline through elongating that line, and adding a cuff to your mid helix can help cut that line off even more for a super defined stack
  • There is almost never too many necklaces. Stacking your necklaces according to their length creates a lot of dimension to your stack, having a chocker and longer chain as your guidelines, but the in-between can be a great place to express yourself. Use multiple chains, pendants, and different textures (rope, twist chains, box chains, chunky chains or delicate fine chains) to create an unique stack.
  • Bracelets can be a hidden gem in the world of stacking, from beading, to chains, to welded bracelets, there’s a host of different textures involved for a really subtle stack that you can wear with almost every outfit in your wardrobe. If you’re looking to begin mixing metals, starting with a mixed bracelet stack can be the way to go while you build your confidence in your styling!
  • Using gemstones to help complement your ring stacking is a failsafe way to make your mixed metals tie together! Incorporating your favourite colours or birthstones into your stack can help bridge the gap between the different tones and colours while adding a pop of colour.


Mixed Metals Earring Stack

Elevate your everyday ear game by combining the Pearl Twisted Small Drop Hoop Earrings in Mixed Metal, with the Fine Classic Huggies in Silver and the Trinal Stud Earring in Gold.  Mix and match these dainty hoops and studs for a playful yet sophisticated touch.


For a bold and chucky mixed metal ear stack start with the Lucy Williams Acro Small Hoop Earrings in Silver, followed by the Plain Ovate Huggies in Gold, the Chubby Huggies in Silver, and tie the look together with the Claw Lacuna Ear Cuff in Gold.


Finally, consider combining the Lucy Williams Chunky Entwine Medium Hoop Earrings in Mixed Metal with the Lucy Williams Chunky Entwine Ring in Mixed Metals to create a cohesive theme that draws attention to your hands and ears simultaneously. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to mixing metals – let your creativity shine!


Mixed Metals Bracelet Stack

The fundamentals of a great bracelet stack is to have one or two pieces you wear constantly, and can build your stack around. Curate your mixed metals bracelet stack featuring the Round Curb Chain Bracelet and Lucy Williams Square Snake Chain Bracelet, these versatile pieces can be worn individually or stacked together or combined with other pieces to create a wide variety of stacks.

Combining the Lucy Williams Square Snake Chain Bracelet in Silver with the Jelly Heart Gemstone Charm Bracelet in Gold Black Onyx creates a minimal stack with an interesting feature piece.

For a larger stack, that combines both delicate chains with chucky textures, pair the Wavy Ridge Chain Bracelet in Gold with the Round Curb Chain in Gold and the Aegis Chain Bracelet in Silver.

Experiment with layering these bracelets alongside your favourite watch or bangle for an more personalized style. The key is to have fun and express your personality through the unique combination of metals and textures.


Mixed Metals Layering Necklaces

Mixed Metals Necklace Stacks can be the centrepiece of an outfit. For a gold toned stack, layer the Ridge Heart Charm Pendant Necklace in Gold with the Lucy Williams Byzantine Coin Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver, Aegis Chain Necklace in Gold and the Flat Snake Chain Necklace in Gold. The combined textures with a hint of silver create a delicate but interesting look.

Combine together the Seeded Pearl Beaded Chocker in Gold with the Filia Double Chain Necklace in Silver and the Engravable Bar Pendant Necklace in Gold for a textured and personal look, with the Pearls complementing both the gold and silver.

For a silver toned stack, combine the Harris Reed In Good Hands Pearl Necklace in Silver, Black Onyx Amulet Pendant Necklace in Silver and the Interstellar Drop Chocker in Gold for a sophisticated but chic combination that would completement any dark toned outfit.